How do I maintain the Velorbis leather saddle?

Please read this carefully before using your quality leather saddle

The leather used is 100% made of cow skins and eco-friendly, vegetatively tanned. The skins originate from central and northern Europe. All skins are carefully selected by hand, but leather remains a natural product. So imperfections like small spots, dents or stripes may occur. These imperfections do not impair quality, but give the leather its natural look. The trimming by hand may result in slight imperfections, but does not influence sitting comfort in any way.

Natural colour saddles were given a transparent coating only, as to protect the saddle against dirt and water. This means that you see the real colour of the tanned skin, which slightly varies per skin. Colours may change from a very light sand colour to a more intense earth reddish colour. The natural leather will always change colour under the influence of UV-light from the sun and the normal use of the saddle. The colours will become darker and flamed motives can appear.

Normally these saddles do not dye-off, unless thoroughly wet when stains may occur.
Coloured saddles like black, honey or brown are specially coated with long lasting leather paints. Under the influence of water and friction these saddles may dye-off.

  • Treat your saddles with the special Oranje leather protection set and chances of stains are minimised.
  • Do not use grease, it makes the leather fibres soft and stains your clothes.
  • Leather doesn’t like rough surfaces, so use a kickstand when parking your bike.
  • Leather doesn’t like water, so keep the saddle dry when parked outside.
  • You can use a Velorbis saddle raincoat, specially designed to fit your saddle. Please also use leather protection on a regular basis. (3-4 times a year).

All our saddles come with a 2 year warranty on assembly and frame parts. Excluded from this warranty is damage caused by water, grease or abuse.


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